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We focus primarily on small and medium-sized business organizations that have been convinced that certification of management systems is the prerogative of large organizations, with enough surplus funds to "afford this luxury". Globalization and the supply chain have shown that small and medium-sized certified organizations are the foundation of a well-functioning network of manufacturers and service providers and are an essential element of a country's stable macroeconomic strength. Our goal is to support the right of small and medium-sized enterprises. Our pricing policy is a flexible response to their reality of financial possibilities, and our strategy of "stand by" collaborators from different spheres of practice supports this policy and allows our services to be affordable to anyone who asks for them. We are a global member of the worldwide network of internationally accredited certification company G-Cert-i, which operates in more than 50 economically important countries worldwide. Check out our global page by clicking on More about us, which is listed in world languages. Please contact the G.Cert-i regional representative for details.

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Certification, as an impartial and objective assessment of the compliance of individual or integrated management systems set up, is performed only by accredited practitioners, with competence for the relevant scope, who are regularly calibrated to the latest knowledge and experience in the field. Certification for which we are internationally accredited concerns management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 22001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 45001

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We will be pleased if you write your insights and specify the issues you need or want to address. System and person certification is generally the final stage of a continuous improvement path. Also, contact us with confidence in their preparatory phases, as such communication will help you find the best solution for you before implementing the standard


G-Cert-i provides individual and comprehensive trainings and modular systems courses which focus to process improvements only in the form of open courses, which timely reports on this website.

The core of our trainings are open accredited courses of internal and external auditors for systems we are accredited. Courses are internationally accredited and give the guarantors of eligibility for such trained auditors as the Auditors_First Party (Internal Auditors at Home), Auditors_Second Party (Internal Auditors at the Supplier) and Auditors_Third Party (Certification Auditors, as long as they meet additional qualification and competency requirements).

For the direct improvement of client processes, G-CERT-i provides ad hoc trainings only by cooperators who don‘t participate in G-Cert-i client certification processes in any way. In this way we guarantee the exclusion of conflicts of interest of the persons concerned. Trainings of this kind are provided by a separate contractual relationship.

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