Under support, we mean all the services we provide to our clients in connection with certification in order to maintain the system and continuously improve its processes.

So, under the client's support, we mean:

  • Our accreditation
  • Logo usage rights
  • Supervision of certification status through inspection audits according to ISO 17021
  • Our partnerships and membership in international organizations
  • Certification tracking services, traceability
  • Training and accredited training of auditors

For a detailed overview of support services, visit, or communicate with G-Cert-i.


  1. Accreditation of declared system certification is granted by the International Accreditation Service_IAS
  2. Training and training accreditation is awarded by the International Educational Forum_Exemplar Global

Further details on accreditation can be found on the main site or could be communicated with the G-Cert-i regional representative.